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Pickwick Capital Advisors is an independent firm. We are not owned by or beholden in any way to any of the investment advisory firms or other outside service providers that we select for our clients. This independence is the core underpinning of our philosophy.


Because we are independent, we can be completely objective in analyzing and evaluating the merits of any investment related product or service. In the event that the performance, quality, or applicability of any outside provider declines, we are free to make the changes that best serve our clients.

Global View

We take a global view in seeking high quality investment vehicles and opportunities for our clients. Our philosophy of independence is manifest in the understanding that investment opportunities present themselves throughout the world and not in one geographic location or in one specific sector. Pickwick has specifically oriented its perspective and resources to find opportunities wherever they may present themselves.


Pickwick employs a disciplined process that is designed to identify each investor’s unique life or policy situation, requirements, and goals. We start with the assumption that financial goals and investment policies can only be appropriately set within the context of these broader parameters. Our process starts with a short list of questions which are designed to stimulate a flow of information from the client. It is our obligation to listen carefully and work diligently to achieve a thorough understanding of the client’s situation, needs, and objectives. Once we are confident that the foundation of our process is in place, we move forward creating the appropriate investment guidelines and investment proposal for each specific client.


The global financial services industry is populated by an enormous number of large diversified and smaller specialized providers of products and services. Pickwick has clearly defined its role as that of advisor to its clients. We have put in place relationships with powerful partners to help us continuously monitor the universe of outside product and service providers for innovation, quality, and integrity. Our mission is to harness the appropriate elements of this large universe to serve the best interests of each client.

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