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Pickwick Capital provides high-net-worth and institutional investors with objective, high-quality advice and highly personalized service on wealth management and creation. Our services include the development of financial goals, strategic asset allocation according to the goals, the selection of appropriate outside investment managers and other service providers, and the monitoring of a client’s portfolio to ensure unbiased advice and superior investment results.

Traditional money management firms are focused on selling their proprietary products and asset allocation strategies and have difficulty, in many cases, in tailoring a portfolio strategy to meet the wealth creation and management needs of their private clients. In addition, they are precluded from seeking from third parties the best-priced products with the greatest return potential and the most appropriate risk profile. In contrast, because of Pickwick Capital’s position as an independent financial services boutique, we are able to seek out the best alternatives from a wide array of sources. We are able to give to investors the optimum solution. Through a strong, working relationship with our partners (see RESOURCES), we devote unusually high levels of time and attention to addressing the unique needs of each client and to developing a strategy to meet each client’s investment objectives.

Investment Approach

Pickwick’s investment approach provides a disciplined process that identifies each investor’s unique investment goals and establishes a customized investment plan to meet them. We employ a carefully-defined process for each critical step in the investment management cycle, including goal-setting and risk/return profiling, asset allocation modeling, investment manager selection, on-going monitoring and comprehensive reporting.


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