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Pickwick Philosophy

Strategic Advisors

Pickwick Capital Partners has positioned itself as an independent strategic advisor to its clients. We are not owned by or beholden to any other entity and do not engage in other business lines which would, by their nature, create conflicts with our advice to clients. We evaluate financial and strategic needs and opportunities, whether in conjunction with a specific transaction or on an ongoing basis to identify financial requirements to support growth, buy versus build analysis, capital investments and the like.

Value Creation

In considering an assignment, our primary objective is to create real economic value for our clients and their stakeholders. This may or may not dictate that a transaction is appropriate. We are completely objective as to the appropriate solution to any specific client issue, situation, or objective.

Knowledge Driven

We believe that the first step toward value creation is a complete understanding of each client, its business, the markets in which it competes, and the competitive landscape. We accomplish this through a proprietary analytic methodology coupled with an extensive system of detailed databases and industry contacts acquired over years of experience.


We strive to make all client relationships long term in nature. By working together closely as partners, we feel that we can develop the depth of understanding and trust that is necessary for both parties in order to truly create maximum value.

The Process

Our process requires a substantial upfront commitment of time and resources to properly understand our client and assess the optimal path to value creation. Secondly, we architect a strategic plan to achieve the goal. Lastly, we use our extensive operational and transactional competence to help the client execute the plan.

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