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Pickwick Capital Partners has developed a unique, next generation approach to helping management teams build strategic plans tailored to the distinctive requirements of their business and then to help execute the appropriate transactional strategy based on that plan.

Pickwick provides a full complement of strategic and financial advisory and transactional services for emerging and middle-market companies in a wide range of industries, from mergers and acquisitions and raising capital to strategic and financial advisory engagements. However, we are not transaction-driven; rather, we work closely with clients to find the right business strategy and associated transactions(s) to help a company, its management, its owners, all of its stakeholders to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. We do not presume from the outset of an engagement to know the most appropriate approach to take. Every company is unique, and its growth and transactional strategy needs to be tailored for it to be successful.

We tightly couple our strategic advisory services with our financial and transactional services and believe that this approach is highly differentiated in the financial advisory marketplace. Our approach is intensive, comprehensive and creative to ensure that our advice is clearly in the best interests of the client. We are highly analytic, disciplined, and thoughtful in our recommendations.

With all of our clients we develop a thorough understanding of their businesses, market dynamics and trends and their impact on the client’s business. This demands an in-depth understanding of operational, sales and marketing, business development and financial requirements within the market context. From there, we create a customized plan and criteria that must be met in the execution of that plan to achieve a successful transaction(s), not just for that point in time but over the longer term. In all of our transactional assignments, we work to ensure that all parties view the outcome as fair and well-balanced and in the best interest of all concerned.

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